Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time consuming to recycle solvents?

Solvent recycling is highly automated with BR's solvent recycling systems. It only takes a few minutes each day to operate the equipment and manage the waste streams.

What solvents can be recycled?

Many waste solvents can be recycled. Fill out our Solvent Recycling questionnaire and we can tell you if the waste solvent can be recycled.

What range of automation is available for BR solvent recycling systems?

We offer manual, and fully automatic distillation systems. This range of automation allows the customer to choose a system that fits their needs and their budget.

What range of volumes can BR's solvent recyclers handle?

Our range of solvent recyclers can handle volumes from 1 liter up to 200 liters.

What types of materials are BR's solvent recycling systems made of?

We make solvent recyclers out of Pyrex glass or metal depending on the specific application.

Is solvent recycling safe?

All of B/R Instrument's solvent recyclers are CE marked. Most are listed to UL 3101.1, UL 2208, and CSA 22.2 No. 1010.1 by ETL laboratories. Various safety options are also available such as vapor sensors, receiver full detectors, remote alarms and so forth.