Yes, your laboratory can successfully recycle high purity solvents

Comparison of 9600 Solvent Recycler Configurations

There are 3 options for the 9600 spinning band distillation system:

  • Fully automatic with enclosure cabinet
  • Fully automatic without an enclosure cabinet
  • Manually operated without a cabinet

Distillation systems without an enclosure cabinet have an optional mounting system on a rack. The table below gives a brief comparison.

The enclosure cabinet is preferred by some customers because the distillation system is fully enclosed and the cabinet has a vent stack where ventilation can be attached.

However, some customers prefer to mount the distillation system on their existing lab rack or to mount the distillation system on the B/R lab rack option. This lab rack allows easy access to the distillation system.

The manual distillation system is ideal for customers who have a very limited budget and have manpower available to manually operate the equipment.

Other types of configurations are available upon request. An example is shown to the right of a 50 liter 9600 system. It is mounted in a custom rack with a four place fraction collector, four 19 liter receivers, vacuum system and circulating bath.

Comparison of 9600 Solvent Recycler Models

9600 9600 (No Cabinet) 9600 Manually Operated
Distillation Column 90 cm high spinning band 90 cm high spinning band 90 cm high spinning band
Mounting for distillation column Enclosure cabinet with door None, optional rack mount None, optional rack mount
Control Fully automatic, M690 controller Fully automatic, M690 controller Manually operated
Temperature Sensing Automatic Automatic Digital Thermometers
Spinning Band Motor Automatic DC Motor Automatic DC Motor Manual AC Motor
Heat Control Automatic Automatic Variable Transformer
Distillation Shutdown Automatic Automatic Manual