Yes, your laboratory can successfully recycle high purity solvents

Accessories for Solvent Recyclers

Solvent recyclers can come with a variety of accessories that enhance performance or safety.

Vapor Sensors

All B/R solvent recyclers can come with one or two vapor sensors that connect to the controller. Vapor sensors constantly monitor the air for vapor coming from the solvent recycler. The purpose is to automatically shut off the equipment if the vapor level indicates that a major leak has occurred in the system. This additional safety feature gives an added layer of security for unattended operation of the solvent recycler.

Receiver Full Sensor

Receiver full sensor automatically detects when receivers are full and suspends the solvent recycling procedure until an operator is available to empty the receiver and push a button to tell the controller that it is safe to continue. This additional safety feature enhances safety for unattended operation.

PC interface for solvent recycling

The PC interface allows the solvent recycling process to be controlled by a PC. Process diagrams allow easy visualization of the solvent recycling process. Distillation data from each batch of recycled solvent can be electronically stored to support validation.