Yes, your laboratory can successfully recycle high purity solvents

GPC Solvent Recycling

GPC testing of plastics and polymers uses aggressive solvents to dissolve the polymers. Typical GPC solvents include HFIP, m-creosol, trichlorobenzene, THF, dichloromethane, chloroform, xylene, n-methyl pyrrolidone and others.

After use these expensive solvents are contaminated with bits of polymer, monomer and other chemicals. The high cost of these solvents makes them a prime candidate for solvent recycling.

GPC solvent recycling uses a high efficiency solvent recycler to remove the contaminants from the GPC solvent and return it to its original purity. The recycled solvent can be used over and over again. Over time the savings on both purchase and disposal of the GPC solvent really adds up. Most GPC solvent recyclers pay for themselves in less than 1 year.

The solvent recycling process is fully automatic. So it really does not take much time to operate the solvent recycler. Simply start the solvent recycling program and your GPC solvent will be purified automatically. When the solvent recycling process is complete the solvent recycler will stop automatically.