Yes, your laboratory can successfully recycle high purity solvents

Microprocessor Control For Solvent Recycling

Each automatic B/R solvent recycler comes with an M690 controller. The B/R M690 is a state of the art microprocessor controller that fully automates the solvent recycling process. An operator only needs to start the solvent recycling process. The microprocessor does the rest. All aspects of the solvent recycling process are controlled and monitored for safety. If any potential safety problems are found, the M690 will automatically stop the distillation and alert the operator.

PC interface for solvent recycling

The PC interface allows the solvent recycling process to be controlled by a PC. Process diagrams allow easy visualization of the solvent recycling process. Distillation data from each batch of recycled solvent can be electronically stored to support validation.

M690 solvent recycling controller features:

  • Hand Held Keypad
  • Stores up to 15 distillation programs
  • Automatically controls the distillation system for unattended operation
  • Each distillation program can have 8 programmable temperature fractions
  • Each fraction has programmable:
    1. Boiler Heating Rates
    2. Starting Temperature
    3. Finish Temperature
    4. Reflux Ratio
  • Programs may be edited during a distillation
  • The microprocessor automatically alarms and shuts down the distillation if safety parameters are exceeded.
  • The microprocessor has complete diagnostics for easy maintenance and servicing
  • Supports an optional automatic fraction collector for unattended collection of fractions.
  • Optional PC interface allow the solvent recycler to be controlled from a PC through a USB connection.