Yes, your laboratory can successfully recycle high purity solvents

Recycle Xylene and Alcohol in the same Recycler!

Xylene/Alcohol Recyclers

Formalin Recyclers

Xylene, Alcohol, Formalin Recyclers



Xylene/Xylene Substitues





  Xylene Purity 99.9%; Concentration 99.9%
Alcohol Purity 99.9%; Concentration 95% or better



CE marked, listed to UL safety standards



Load solvent, push start … that’s it.

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Are the recycled solvents pure?
Yes, and we guarantee it.

Ask us how

How many times can I recycle it?
Solvents can be recycled over and over. Recycle solvents indefinitely.

How long will a B/R recycler last?
Most B/R recyclers last 10 years or more before they are retired. Some B/R recyclers are in service for more than 15 years.